Green Leaf Threshing

How can the perfect products taste be achieved? Everything starts with the right blend of ingredients and its primary treatment. Obtain the best out of your products, in the most efficient way, with state-of-the-art machinery and seamless monitoring at every point in the production process.

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How can the perfect tobacco products taste achieved? Everything starts from the primary treatment. With the right tobacco blend. With outstanding machinery and equipment at every point in the production process. With seamless monitoring and measurement of every stage and value.

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tobacco heated products

Tobacco Heated Products

Heated tobacco products represents a challenging evolution of tobacco business embraced by Garbuio. We support the customers with know-how and innovative ideas to process reconstituted tobacco for THP.

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digital solutions

Digital Solutions

Garbuio boosts the digitalization of Customer’s manufacturing systems and a broad concept of industrial Smart Factory, through a wide set of innovative digital solutions.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Policy of Garbuio S.p.A.

Counterfeiting is a serious problem of growing concern to the global market and especially to the tobacco industry. It also threatens Garbuio S.p.A. and its partners. Counterfeiting is in most countries illegal and it leads to the manufacturing and distribution of products without quality controls of any kind.

This issue is of critical importance to Garbuio S.p.A. which is dedicating itself to fight counterfeiting thus to protect the integrity of the brands and trademarks of Garbuio S.p.A., Garbuio’s customers and partners as well as the exceptionally significant economic value of the legitimate supply chain.

Amongst others, Garbuio S.p.A. is using its research and development resources intensively to develop and offer technologies focused on product tracking and tracing in logistic chains and on brand protection. This goes in line with online integration of anti-counterfeit technologies within the making and packing of cigarettes.

Since many years it is already Garbuio S.p.A. policy to avoid business with manufacturers of counterfeits. It goes without saying that Garbuio S.p.A. is permanently enforcing its strategy to seek customer and supplier co-operations for its anticounterfeiting policy.

Garbuio S.p.A. will suspend or cease doing business with any supplier manufacturing counterfeits which may damage the business interests Garbuio S.p.A. The essential elements of the policy of Garbuio S.p.A. are as follows:

  1. Garbuio S.p.A. is not knowingly doing business with manufacturers involved in counterfeiting. In the event that Garbuio S.p.A. gets positive knowledge that a customer is sentenced guilty regarding their engagement in counterfeiting cigarettes and/ or cigarette brands by competent authorities in charge, Garbuio S.p.A. will suspend or cease doing business with such customer. Neither equipment, assembly groups, spare parts nor services will be made available.
  2. Garbuio S.p.A. will decline to accept and require its subsidiaries to decline to accept any order for equipment, assembly groups, spare parts or services from any individual or entity that has been sentenced guilty by the competent authority in charge regarding their engagement in the manufacture, distribution or sale of counterfeits of cigarette brands.
  3. Garbuio S.p.A. dedicates its research and development to track and trace technologies as well as brand protection technologies which will help its customers to fight counterfeiting.
  4. Garbuio S.p.A. informs all its customers and suppliers about its anticounterfeiting policy.

07 April 2021
Garbuio S.p.A.

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