Cutting Machines

Spares Sales

Garbuio is built on a proud history of designing and manufacturing market leading Cutters and offer genuine OEM spares and support for models of any age.

Garbuio continues to support all cutters produced from its product range.

These tobacco cutting machines include the following ranges:
  • Reciprocating Cutters Types 1S and 1SBC (Balanced Crank)
  • RC3
  • MM3 / SSM (Millicutter Minor)
  • MM4
  • S400 / S600
  • RC4 / RC5 / RC6
  • SD3 / SD5
Garbuio continues to provide Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) spare parts for reciprocating cutters produced by Robert Legg; this includes wood and iron drum versions. The company also provides parts for Millicutters produced by Robert Legg and AMF Legg. The RC4 cutter has been in production since the 1970’s and Garbuio has ensured that obsolescence issues have received engineering solutions for alternatives to keep the product fully supportable. Other fully support cutting machines include the S400 , S600, RC5, RC6, SD3 and SD5. Garbuio can offer a range of technical service bulletins to help improve the operation and efficiency of existing cutting machines. Overview of Vintage Cutters: Reciprocating cutters are predominately used in the production of cigar and pipe tobacco where a larger width of cut is required. The MM3 / SSM Millicutter were mainly produced by Robert Legg and AMF Legg with fixed and variable speed versions to help cater for a range of capacities. The MM4 Millicutter mainly produced by AMF Legg and GBE Legg incorporated some elements of the RC4 cutters in terms of the band slat arrangement and equal number of knife stations. This additional flexibility allowed for a wider range of capacities and the machine was capable of low volume work in Research and Development centres. The RC4 cutter was the first step into a larger capacity machine and still remains in production to this day. The RC4 has been produced by AMF Legg, GBE Legg, GBE Tobacco, Legg, and Garbuio since 1970. The S400/S600 cutters incorporated new advances in electronic during the early 1990’s. These machines were produced by GBE Legg and GBE Tobacco. The RC5/RC6 cutters utilised further advances in electronics so that variable widths of cut could be selected at the push of a button without changing gears. These machines are still in production today. The SD3 / SD5 cutters are the flagship cutter for Garbuio. These machines incorporated new thinking on the maintenance requirements and accessibility to the machine. This modern design coupled with the “Super Drum” for soft cutting have made the SD5 the cutter of choice. For information on our latest cutter range click here to visit the SD5 Cutter page in the Products section of the site

Customer services

Garbuio is committed to providing high levels of Service and Support for our customers around the world.
With this in mind we have introduced a dedicated team to assist our customer's needs.
The Customer Services Department will look after Project Management, Installation and Commissioning, Training and Documentation and After Sales.

Spare parts

By constantly anticipating future demands Garbuio is able to satisfy our customers with the latest developments and services including:
Kanban systems reduce cost by optimising the management of on site spares inventory. Levels are tailored to customer usage patterns.
Internet website and on-line ordering facilities enables global access 24 hours a day 365 days a year to order parts, obtain on-line quotes, make enquiries, request support and obtain product information.
A range of exchange units are maintained in stock to avoid costly downtime in breakdown and maintenance shutdowns.