Green Leaf Threshing

How can the perfect products taste be achieved? Everything starts with the right blend of ingredients and its primary treatment. Obtain the best out of your products, in the most efficient way, with state-of-the-art machinery and seamless monitoring at every point in the production process.

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How can the perfect tobacco products taste achieved? Everything starts from the primary treatment. With the right tobacco blend. With outstanding machinery and equipment at every point in the production process. With seamless monitoring and measurement of every stage and value.

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tobacco heated products

Tobacco Heated Products

Heated tobacco products represents a challenging evolution of tobacco business embraced by Garbuio. We support the customers with know-how and innovative ideas to process reconstituted tobacco for THP.

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digital solutions

Digital Solutions

Garbuio boosts the digitalization of Customer’s manufacturing systems and a broad concept of industrial Smart Factory, through a wide set of innovative digital solutions.

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Test your ideas

Recon tobacco is a true all-rounder – it is already in use today as an addback for conventional cigarettes, as film for wrapping cigars and in the production of Heated Tobacco Products (HTP). Recon films containing hemp components, or enriched with cloves for kretek, even offer opportunities for completely new products.

lTogether, we can develop a unique product and manufacture minibatches surprisingly quickly.r


How the TDA line works

The raw material – tobacco, hemp or clove – is first ground to a powder. Moist components are then mixed in to produce a dough, which is rolled out and dried. If this recon film is destined for use as Primary addback, it is then cut to form recon flakes, packed in a box and added later in the Primary process. If it is to be used in the production of THP or for wrapping cigars, it is wound on a bobbin. Garbuio and Hauni can also use the pilot plant in Bergedorf to produce tobacco sticks based on strip or cross cut for its customers.

Four key advantages

  1. More taste and nicotine
    Existing solutions work with a recon that has a high glycerin/water content of up to 95 percent for processing. However, the new TDA produces tobacco dough with a moisture content of just 20 to 40 percent. This dough therefore dries much faster and significantly reduces the loss of nicotine and flavor. The TDA process uses fewer binders with the result that the tobacco content increases. It also reduces the unpleasant influence of binders on flavor during combustion.
  2. Homogeneous product quality
    Since the tobacco dough has a firm consistency – in contrast to conventional systems – it can easily be flattened to a very uniform and controlled thickness using rollers. This guarantees consistency in downstream processes and helps to ensure that important product specifications, such as nicotine content, are always within the specified range.
  3. High sustainability and efficiency
    Environmental sustainability is another aspect that benefits from the low moisture content of the TDA’s recon film – with shorter drying times, lower energy consumption and the elimination of preheating processes.
  4. Scalable production line
    Starting out with a small solution is no problem: the compact system requires little space and can be expanded at any time, so manufacturers can react quickly to changes in the market – for example, by using recon films not only for cigarette production but also for HTP or cigars.

Garbuio’s TDA line leads the fields

The TDA compares favourably to other plants of this type, especially in terms of investment, production costs, complexity, energy consumption and footprint.

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