Vertical Inclined Slicer (VIS)

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Providing constant Flow

Capacity of the slicer is up to 10,000 kg/hr when processing 200 kg bales, dividing them into three slices. The number of slices per bale is selectable, ranging from three to six slices. Uniformity of slice thickness is maintained by sensors which measure the bale length and control its position under the slicing blade.

All types of tobacco from 200 kg bales can be processed, and small Oriental bales can be handled by a special version of the machine so that they by-pass the slicing blade, going directly to the DCC infeed mass flow control system.

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The blade is driven by a powerful geared brake motor and heavy duty transmission chains. This ensures that all types of tobacco can be sliced with ease, and in the event of loss of electrical power or an emergency the drive will stop immediately and will hold its position. The blade is fitted with a special alloy steel tip which can be easily removed for sharpening and replaced. The product infeed to the slicer is monitored by a light barrier which will stop the machine if any person attempts to enter via the bale entry point. Other safety features include key exchange interlocks to control maintenance access, and a mechanical lock for the blade to prevent unwanted movement during maintenance.

The bale is supported during slicing so that the slice is retained without breaking up. The supports are retracted during the operating sequence so as to release the slice onto the mass flow control system feeding the DCC.

The slices are butted up so there are no gaps between them, and a controlled constant mass flow of slices is discharged from the weigh belt into the DCC. The uniform flow of tobacco entering the DCC provides more uniform process conditions than other types of slicer, and opens up the possibility of continuously measuring moisture of the tobacco at this point.

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Providing constant Flow

  • Provides constant mass flow to DCC
  • Capacity up to 10,000 kg/hr
  • Handles all tobacco types including reconstituted
  • Handles C48 and similar rectangular bales
  • Special version will also handle Oriental bales
  • Robust design, easy to maintain
  • Inherently safe