Committed to development

These include collaborations with Tobacco Companies, licensing of technologies developed by others and in-house development of new products. These products vary from machines, processes and software.
Within the present Garbuio product range, there are many examples of these various development routes, and the company is committed to continue this successful track record of innovations and product development.

Research and Development Milestones

  • 1972 Dickinson introduce gas/steam heated ITM (later renamed XL) dryer
  • 1976 Legg introduce RC4 cutter
  • 1979 Dickinson Weycon continuous weigher
  • 1980 Dickinson automatic case opening line
  • 1985 Dickinson DCC and horizontal slicer
  • 1986 Dickinson Admoist stem conditioner
  • 1989 Dickinson STS stems expansion process
  • 1990 Dickinson Fluid Bed dryer and Elutriator classifier
  • 1990 Dickinson automated hessian bale opening line
  • 1991 Dickinson HXD High expansion flash dryer
  • 1998 Garbuio introduces SD cutter
  • 1998 Garbuio introduces LWD
  • 2000 Dickinson RC5 and RC6 cutters
  • 2002 Dickinson ESS high expansion system for stems
  • 2003 Dickinson Vertical Inclined Slicer
  • 2008 EVA enhanced infeed systems
  • 2009 Invention of Exhaust Vapour Recompression
  • 2010 EVA twin cyclone dryer concept developed

Customer services

Garbuio is committed to providing high levels of Service and Support for our customers around the world.
With this in mind we have introduced a dedicated team to assist our customer's needs.
The Customer Services Department will look after Project Management, Installation and Commissioning, Training and Documentation and After Sales.

Spare parts

By constantly anticipating future demands Garbuio is able to satisfy our customers with the latest developments and services including:
Kanban systems reduce cost by optimising the management of on site spares inventory. Levels are tailored to customer usage patterns.
Internet website and on-line ordering facilities enables global access 24 hours a day 365 days a year to order parts, obtain on-line quotes, make enquiries, request support and obtain product information.
A range of exchange units are maintained in stock to avoid costly downtime in breakdown and maintenance shutdowns.