Green Leaf Threshing

How can the perfect products taste be achieved? Everything starts with the right blend of ingredients and its primary treatment. Obtain the best out of your products, in the most efficient way, with state-of-the-art machinery and seamless monitoring at every point in the production process.

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How can the perfect tobacco products taste achieved? Everything starts from the primary treatment. With the right tobacco blend. With outstanding machinery and equipment at every point in the production process. With seamless monitoring and measurement of every stage and value.

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tobacco heated products

Tobacco Heated Products

Heated tobacco products represents a challenging evolution of tobacco business embraced by Garbuio. We support the customers with know-how and innovative ideas to process reconstituted tobacco for THP.

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digital solutions

Digital Solutions

Garbuio boosts the digitalization of Customer’s manufacturing systems and a broad concept of industrial Smart Factory, through a wide set of innovative digital solutions.

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Passion is our trademark

Passion is our trademark

Garbuio is constantly improving its abilities in driving the business evolution and venturing new market opportunities.

Reliability, professionality and a strong result driven approach are the key features that lead our team to make the difference for our customers around the world.

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People at Garbuio

Elisa Bellan

Head of Offers Department

Davide Trentin

Commissioning Engineer

Gianni Da Re

Technical Engineer

Paolo Dal Bianco

Key Account Manager


Elisa Bellan


Tell us about your experience and what Garbuio represents for you Transversality, internationalization, growth.

I started my adventure in Garbuio in 2002 with the role of Project Manager, as soon as I finished my chemical engineering studies. My role allowed me to interface with different business areas and to meet customers all over the world, gradually improving my skills, both technical and organizational and managerial. In 2010, I accepted a new challenge: create an office dedicated to the development of technical-commercial offers where I brought my expertise and experience. Today, I perform the position of Head of Offer Department, coordinating a team of 10 people.

What do you love about your job?

Tell us the secrets of your success in the Company. Dealing with the "life" of projects entirely, from design to production, that is the core business, both in the executive phase before, and in the design and budgeting phase today, is for me a source of great satisfaction and of new stimuli. Giving my contribution every day, working on the realization of different projects each time, for the achievement of common goals, is what I love most of my work. Openness to change, renewal and search for perfection are the key words of my experience.

And what do you like the most about Garbuio?

"Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed" (Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry): Garbuio is an example of how evolution, supported by a strong business vision and organizational capacity is fundamental to create value for the company and its customers, and to achieve common goals. I am happy to be part of a reality that believes in people, developing their skills and stimulating them to bring change.



Davide Trentin


What does Garbuio represent to you?

Garbuio is a family affair for me. My father Vittorino has been one of the most important figures for the Company development, staple and pillar of Installation and Commissioning area.
Garbuio is able to make the most of its resources and make you feel an integral part of the project, beyond the working relationship.
It offers the best and makes you feel in the right place, making you go beyond your limits. No need to look for anything else. The historical figures of this company, from its founder to all the other points of reference together with my father, have conveyed to me the essence and pride of being part of this group!

Tell us about your career path

I started my journey in Garbuio in August 1996, as soon as I got my electronics diploma. The first times had been difficult, a few setbacks and having to deal with the inexperience and expectations of my managers. Over time and with the help of the team, we were a very close team, I was able to put myself on the line and grow to the satisfaction and appreciation of my contacts and the group.
I was involved in electrical design for years and then later dedicated myself to software programming, a path that has allowed me to develop my professional skills exponentially and to build up all-round process skills. Since 2008 I have been Process and Optimization engineer

What is your role?

I deal with plant start-up, I closely follow the optimization of customers' machines and industrial processes, while providing technical support thanks to the specific technical expertise I have developed over the years.

What is the key to your success in the Company?

Dedication, tenacity and honesty are the keys to my experience in the company. Putting myself on the line on a daily basis and being lucky enough to work with people who can enhance my skills have been the driving force.

What do you love about your work?

Process and innovation. Being in contact with many people, working together for the growth and future of the Company. The fact that every day you can learn something new. The healthy competition to always raise the bar.

And what do you like the most about Garbuio?

I like that the company is made up of people, and that it is perceived. People are the company, the sense of belonging. In my experience, no one has ever been prevented from growing and educating, actually!



Gianni Da Re


Tell us about your experience and what Garbuio represents for you

My name is Gianni, I am 51 years old and I have been working in Garbuio for thirty-five years. I started my career in Garbuio in November 1985 as a mechanical designer apprentice, employee number 11 of a small company that built machines for tobacco leaf processing. There were no computers and everything was drawn with the technographer, first with pencil and then with ink.
We worked a lot, but stimulated and in love with our work and it didn't weigh on us.
I started doing easy tasks, making copies of drawings for the manufacturing department, then tracing over drawings made by expert colleagues, and then working on plant layouts and the design of individual machines.

An important turning point was the acquisition of Quester in 1989, which brought us machines for processing tobacco leaf by-products. Here begins my experience as a designer during which I learned a lot, putting myself on the line without fear, even making mistakes, but always with humility.

What is your current role and what do you love about it?

Tell us the secrets of your success in the Company. Since 1991 I have focused on hydraulics, designing water, air and steam systems, up to the most complicated tanning and flavouring systems. At the beginning it was difficult to understand because it was a very different subject respect of mechanics, but soon I was so fascinated by it that I am still in love with it today. It is the passion for hydraulics that made me grow professionally and still today pushes me to look for new solutions.

And what do you like the most about Garbuio?

For me Garbuio represents almost a family where I have found growth opportunities and growing responsibilities.
The beauty of my job: working on technical concept, passing through the meetings with customers, the solution design and construction phase, up to installation and start-up. A 360° job that generates endless stimuli and I still enjoy it very much today.
In all these years many things have changed such as company organization, technology, working methods and times but, with the contribution of its people, Garbuio has always been able to remain at the highest levels in the market.
My dream is to end my working career in Garbuio and one day tell friends and relatives the beautiful story of my career in this great company.



Paolo Dal Bianco


Tell us about your experience and what Garbuio represents for you

I started my experience in Garbuio in 2015 after a 5-year experience in another company of the group, expert of industrial automation systems.
I currently hold the role of Sales Manager and manage a portfolio of clients based all over the world. Furthermore, I am the Key Account Manager of one of our major clients.

What do you do? What is the key to your success in the company?

This job allows me to travel for almost half a year, always meeting new people, thus enriching my personal baggage, both in professional skills and in life experiences. Getting involved by doing what I really like and being free to self-manage the work to me are the keys to ensure high level performances for the company.

What do you like about your job? And what do you like most about Garbuio?

Working closely with clients and operating in strict synergy with colleagues is what I love most. Creating new solutions to meet customer needs and seeing them translated into new projects is always a source of great motivation. Garbuio is a stimulating workplace where collaboration and willingness to dialogue are never missing!


People development

Garbuio is keen to constantly develop the team and its capabilities and Never Stop Learning is our motto.

Our People Learning and Development Strategy counts on many different learning opportunities, regularly carried out through all the organization to boost our performance and improve our technical and soft skills.

From training catalogues always open to individual subscriptions, to specific initiatives aimed at growing team competences and cross-functional collaboration, up to individual training paths.

We rely on valuable collaboration with some of the most important Italian Business Schools and many solid and innovative partners in the company education field.

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